APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story - Speech

APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story | Speech

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Leadership is What Defines the Future of a Community, whether that Community is a Company or a Country. A Leader should have the Vision and Passion to take it Forward and know the Importance of Integrity. Our World has Witnessed Great Leaders who Left an Everlasting Impact with Their Legacy. Some of the Names which Came to Our Mind Includes, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Abraham Lincoln, Narendra Modi and Many More. But the List of these Legendary Personalities will Always be Incomplete Without a Special Person, for Which we are Here Today. Yes, We at The Amazing Writer are Talking About “The Missile Man of India”, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. We are Having the Success Story of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and his Speech which Made his Legacy Permanent.

Dr APJ Adbul Kalam was the 11th President Of the Indian Subcontinent. He was an Aerospace Engineer and Scientist who Played a Vital Role in Development of Ballistic Missiles and Launch Vehicle Technology. As a result, he was Better Known by the Name “Missile Man of India”. The Bharat Ratna is Widely Called as the “People’s President” due to the Work Done by Him for the Country.

Early Life | APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story

It’s a fascinating and Motivational Story that how a Poor Village Boy Rose to such Heights Leading the Best Space Projects in the Country. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was born and raised in the South Indian city of Rameswaram. He was Youngest of his 5 Siblings Including 4 Brothers and a Sister. His Father Used to Own a Boat that Transported Pilgrims between Dhanushkodi and Rameswaram. Meanwhile, Young Kalam Supplemented his Poor Family Income by delivering Newspapers. He never let those difficulties to stop him and has his focus on the goals. He graduated his physics from St. Joseph’s College in Trichy.

APJ Abdul Kalam Early Life
APJ Abdul Kalam Early Life

Dr Kalam Initially Tried a Career in the Indian Airforce as Fighter Pilot. But, Airforce due to Lack of Vacancies Rejected the young Aspirant and Turned him Down. Disappointed but Determined Kalam decided to study aeronautical engineering at the Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai. It was a Step that Took the Struggling Space Program of India to New Heights and Gifted a Legendary Leader to the Country.


APJ Adbul Kalam

Working in Space Program

That was the Time when India’s Space Program didn’t have many preferences. This created Questions to invest so much money on the Space Initiatives. India launching its own satellite Seemed Just Like a Dream Until Kalam Sir’s Team Launched “Rohini” in 1980. Thus making India a member of the exclusive space program. Impressed with his Work, Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi put him in charge of India’s Secret Missile Program. Dr Kalam joined the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) where his plans resulted in numerous Successful Missile Launches earning him the nickname “The Missile Man” of India. This Defined a New Phase in the APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story.

Under his Leadership, India has been able to Develop Missiles like Agni, Prithvi and Tactical Missiles like Akash, Nag and Trishul. Above all, This has paved the way for the Subcontinent to enter the Elite Club of Nations to have the ability to Design, Develop and Deploy long-range Missiles. He was the Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister and the Secretary of the Department of Defense Research and Development Organization Office from July 1992 to December 1999. During this period, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam played a Crucial Role in the Pokhran 2 Nuclear Test in Collaboration with the Department of Atomic Energy. He gave thrust to self-reliance in defence systems by Progressing Multiple Development Tasks and Mission projects such as Light Combat Aircraft and the electronics of Air Programs.

Space Program with Indira Gandhi
Space Program with Indira Gandhi

Being the Principal Scientific Adviser in the rank of Cabinet Minister from November 1999 to November 2001, he Learnt a Lot About Governments. His fourth phase started with joining Anna University at Chennai, as Professor of Technology and societal transformation.

President of India | APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story

This fourth phase of APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story took a Sudden Turn when he became the President of India on 25 July 2002. He was the First Bachelor and Scientist President of India. With his experiences at ISRO and DRDO, Dr Kalam also brought a spirit of dedicated Service and Inspirational Zeal to this Highest Office which Earned him the title “The People’s President”. After the end of his office in 2007, Dr Kalam continued his passion for Education and Societal Transformation. He Addressed various cross-sections of society from School Children to Policymakers.

Wings Of Fire, India 2020, My Journey, Ignited Mind are the few books Written by Kalam which have become the households names in India and among the Indian nationals abroad. With Translation in Almost Every Indian Language, they have been a Mirror on the APJ Abdul Kalam Thought. He was Recognised and Respected for his Various Achievements through a No. of Awards. For Example, The Padma Bhushan(1981), The Padma Vibhushan(1990), and the highest civilian award of India, The Bharat Ratna(1997).

APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story
APJ Abdul Kalam Success Story

The man who had Very Humble Beginnings and started his career from a Small village of Rameswaram. The Legend who believed in both Kuran and Geeta. Who daily offers Namaz and veena continues to live in heart and mind of every Indian. This was the Success Story of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Along with Which we Have Attached Some Parts of his World Famous Speech Below.

APJ Abdul Kalam Speech

The People’s President was Very Close to the Indian Population as Compared to Any other Leader in Indian History. APJ Abdul Kalam thoughts Still have a Very Special Place in Our Hearts. His Teachings are Evergreen and are Still Admired and Followed. Therefore, We have a Brief Glimpse of APJ Abdul Kalam Speech that Made an Impact on the Complete World.

APJ Abdul Kalam Speech on How to Handle Failure.

APJ Abdul Kalam Speech on Top 10 Rules for Success


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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