Azim Premji Quotes - Success Story

Azim Premji Quotes | Success Story

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So, We are so lucky today to present the Success Story of One of the Biggest Philanthropists of India, Azim Hashim Premji who is leading the IT Sector in India from the last four decades. We are Having Azim Premji Success Story With Us and Quotes by the Legend which Will Surely Help You in Reaching all Your Targets.

Azim Premji – Wipro

Azim Premji is an Indian Enthusiast Business tycoon, Engineer and Entrepreneur. He is also an Indian philanthropist and unofficially known as Ruler of the IT Industry. He is the Chairman of Wipro and he is continuously guiding Wipro for their growth in Software Industry. By 21st Century Premji had become one of the World’s Richest People with a net worth of $7.1B as of February 2020.

Early Life | Azim Premji Success Story

Azim Hashim Premji was born on 24 July 1945, at Bombay, India to Mohamed Hashem Premji. His father was a well known and settled Businessman and was recognized as Rice King of Burma. He established a Company dealing in vegetable products and refined oils and the company was known as Western Indian Vegetable Product Limited. The famous product of his company was ‘Vanaspati’.

Azim Premji did schooling in India and after that, he went to the US for pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering From Stanford University. But, Unfortunately, his father passed away and he had to come back to India for handling his father’s business. A 21 Year Boy took charge of a $2 Million Company. Investors were not much Happy by the Decision but can’t Do Much as 90% Shares of the Company were in Hands of Mr. Premji.

Azim Premji Success Story - Quotes
Azim Premji Success Story – Quotes

Starting of Wipro

As Soon as Premji Took Charge, the Company Increased its Working Sectors to bakery fats, toiletries, soaps, and lighting products. In 1977, Various Foreign Companies were asked to leave India. This Decision Impacted on IBM too, the only IT Sector Company in India. Azim Premji took Advantage of this Situation to fill the Empty Pothole created by IBM. Western Indian Vegetable Pvt. Ltd. was changed to “Wipro” and the Company Entered the IT Sector with the New Name. This was one of the Most Profitable and Legendary Decisions by the Wipro Founder.

In 1982, Wipro Started to Make Computer Hardware which was Later Extended to Software too. In 1999, Wipro Collaborated with Acer to Make Computers for the Indian Market. Later in 2000, Wipro was Listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for its IPO. For the Period of 1998-2003, held the Position of Richest Indian. Until today there is no Competition for the Legacy of Wipro and its IT Services in the Indian Market.

Philanthropic Actions | Azim Premji Success Story

It is often said that If you are Made in the Lucky 1% by God, It’s Your Responsibility to Think about the Rest 99% Too. Azim Premji is a Strict Follower for the Same. He is Considered Impactful and Legendary not because of Wipro or his Net Worth but Because of his Care and Support for the Society. He is the Biggest Donor in India in Terms of Philanthropic Actions. The Azim Premji Foundation was Created in Order to Support Education and Various Other Underprivileged Sections.

Azim Premji Philanthropy
Azim Premji Philanthropy – Quotes

In April 2013, he gave About 25% of his Personal Wealth in Charity. By July 2015, the Amount was Increased to Over 39%. He is the First Indian and Among the Few Billionaires and Other Big-Hearted People to Sign ” The Giving Pledge” Campaign Started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. He is Also Third Non-American to Join the Club. Azim Premji has been Awarded with Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan, two of the Most Valued Awards by Government of India for his Works.

Azim Premji Quotes

As We can Clearly Observe by the Azim Premji Success Story that he is no Ordinary Person. Extra-Ordinary People have a Very Special Quality in Them, i.e; Any Advice by Them to the Youth and Other Population is Considered as a Quote. The Same goes for Mr. Premji. In this section of the Article, We Would be Covering Azim Premji Quotes that Creates an Impact on Our Minds.

“If people are not talking behind your back about your targets, your targets are too small.”

Azim Premji

“Success is Attained Twice. Once in Our Mind and Second Time In Reality.”

It is Our Belief in Our Mind that is Responsible for the Later Stage Success. The First Stage is When you conquer your Mind to Do It.

“A Small Voice Inside You tells you where to Go in Case You feel Stucked. The Belief in that Voice is the Belief Upon Yourself.”

“For those who have been Privilaged with Wealth, should create a Better World for Those who are not So Privilaged. “

Azim Premji Quotes
Azim Premji Quotes

It is said that you are Big because of your Net Worth or How Much You have. You are Considered Great With How Much You Give.

“Your People are the Key for a Ordinary or An Extra-Ordinary Success.”

“Leadership is the Confidence and Belief of Working with People who are Smarter than You.”

“The Advantage of Democracy is that It Makes us Less Dependent Upon A Group of People. “

This was the Azim Premji Success Story and Quotes that are Powerful Enough to Make a Change. In Conclusion, Don’t Hesitate to Take Your Own Decisions. It was the Decision of Azim Premji to Join his Father’s Business that Took it from $2 Million to Over $12 Billion. Share the Story if You Loved.

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