Bhavish Aggarwal Success Story - Ola Cabs

Bhavish Aggarwal Success Story | Ola Cabs

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Food, Cloths and House maybe the Modest Ambitions of Indians but The Founder of Ola believe that Transport should be Added in this List Now. It is the Belief that the IIT Bombay Alumni is Rapidly Expanding Operations of his Online Taxi Aggregation Firm. The Creator of One of the Best New Existing Unicorns in India With a Net Valuation of Over $10 Billion. Yes, We are Talking About None Other than Ola Cabs Founder Bhavish Aggarwal and his Success Story.

Early Life | Bhavish Aggarwal Success Story

Born in Ludhiana, Bhavish was just like every other Success Driven Entrepreneur from Starting. He began his career at a very early age After he completed his B Tech from IIT Bombay in 2008. He started his career with Microsoft Research India as the Researcher and later promoted as an Asst Researcher. During his is more two years of Microsoft, Bhavesh managed to file two patterns and also got three papers published in the international journals.

While working with Microsoft he also had turned into a blogger and has founded his own Prodigy called Desitech. It was all about hosting content which mainly focused on Technology. It was Inclined towards the Indian Scenario. The content was a collection of startups in India and Other Exclusive News. Well, it was exactly when Bhavesh took the biggest decision of his life and quit his job at Microsoft to start his own venture. He initially started off as A Website that offers Customers package Weekend trips. However, this was not the turning point in his life.

Bhavish Aggarwal Success Story
Bhavish Aggarwal Success Story

How Ola Started | Ola Cabs Success Story

The Real turn came when Bhavish had a Bad Experience while Renting a Car. The driver of the car Stopped the Car right in the Middle of the road and Started renegotiating the deal with Bhavish but he Refused to agree to his terms. The driver proceeded to flee him in the Middle of the Road. A Person who was Already on the Way of Solving Problem, Instead of worrying about the Situation he started to solve it. It Was the Moment he came to an Idea of Ola Cabs. That was when the First Time he could visualize the amount of Potential a Cab Booking Service could have.

Ola was the Combined Venture of Bhavish and Ankit and was officially Controlled by ANI Technologies Private Limited. Their solution was to simply introduce a Technology that Decreases the Gap Between Cab owners and Customers. It Involved the Internet, Mobile No., and a Mobile Phone App. However, just like every Entrepreneur’s Starting Story, even Bhavish’s parents didn’t support his New Venture. For them, he was as Doing Good Job Being a Travel Agent. But their support Increased as they got their First Funding in their Startup from the Snapdeal Founders.

How Ola Grew to Greatness

Their Strategy was to Leave No Stone Unturned from Customer Call to driving a Passenger to the airport while managing the operations. They did everything during that time with a Raft Potential Monthly Income of 1.5 Lakh. Literally, every driver even including many part-timers did anything to get themselves attached to Ola. Well with the help of such long term strategy, the company began to grow at the speed of light. Currently, Ola cabs have their Presence in 102 Cities in India with over 3,50,000 vehicles. With Over 25 Million Customers they Get as many as 1 Million Requests every day. The Success they were Tasting Today is the result of the Hard Work and Effort they Gave to Their Work in the Initial Stage.

Ola Cabs Success Story
Ola Cabs Success Story

In the early days of Ola, Bhavish did everything from Photographing drivers to Provide Customer Support and Ankit used to work 24/7. There were also few cases when Bhavish has himself driven a car to drop a customer because the Driver didn’t show up at the specified time. Talking Today About the Success Story of Ola Cabs, the average Distance Ola Vehicles Covers in a day is about 43,40,717 Km. It is over 10 times the distance between Earth and Moon. Ola Cabs is also India’s fastest Startup to enter the Billion Dollar Club. With Over 78% Market Dominance, Ola is a Leader.

Final Words | Bhavish Aggarwal Success Story

As they Chase Highest Growth both Bhavesh and Ankit believed that Ola is not just about Customer’s comfort but also about helping thousands of Drivers across the country to become Self-Independent. The Success Story of Ola Cabs and Bhavish Aggarwal Conveys the Message that if you Put your Best Efforts to Achieve your Goal than no Force can ever stop you from Reaching to the Peak of Success.

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