Bill Gates Success Story | Quotes by Bill Gates

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One of the Greatest Entrepreneurs the World has Ever Seen. The Person who is an Image of Being Rich, a Typical Image of a Classy Person. We at The Amazing Writer are So Fortunate Enough to share with you all, the Story of the Amazing Personality. We are Having Bill Gates Success Story With Us and the Quotes by the Legend which Will Surely Help You in Reaching all Your Targets.

Bill Gates Microsoft Success Story
Bill Gates Microsoft Success Story

Bill Gates Is an American Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Investor, and a Programmer who is the Founder of Microsoft, One of the Biggest Technology company. He Along with Paul Allen Founded Microsoft and is Currently Serving as the President of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He served as the World’s Richest Man for the Longest Period of Time and is currently the World’s Second Richest Man with a Net Worth of $ 108.8 Billion( As of Jan 2020).

Early Life | Bill Gates Success Story

Bill Gates was Born on Oct 28, 1955, at Seattle, Washington to William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell in an Upper-Middle-Class Family. Mr. William Gates was a Well Established Lawyer having a Rich Background. His Grandfather was Vice President of National Bank. Mrs. Mary Maxwell too was a Women having Connections across Various Corporate Boards Including IBM which Served a Major Factor for the Starting of the Journey of the Legend.

Early Life photo of Bill Gates
Early Life photo of Bill Gates

Gates was Always a Book and Technology Addict. As a child too, he spent most of his time in Books and Encyclopedias. At the age of 13, a Seattle Computer Company Offered Computers to Students. Mrs. Mary Enrolled Bill. He Learned and Mastered BASIC Language and Even Coded a Tic-Tac-Toe Program that Allowed the Player to Play Alone Against Computer. Bill Gates, at the Age of 15 Along with Paul Allen, Developed a Software Named “ Traf-O-Data” that Monitored traffic And Its Status In Their Home Town. This was their First Business Venture and the Starting of Bill Gates Success Story as they Sold this For a Net Amount Of $20,000. 

Starting of Microsoft | Success Story

Bill Enrolled at Harvard University in the Fall of 1973 to Pursue a Career in Law. Mr. William Gates Wanted Bill to Have a Career in Law. But the Scenario was very different at Harvard. Bill Gates Spent More time at the College Computer lab with his partner Paul Allen, Rather than the Classes at Harvard. They both Had a Lot of difference in their Way of Working. 

Microsoft Success Story
Microsoft Success Story | Bill Gates

They were Even Prohibited from Entering the Computer lab because they spent most of their Time There. After Several Requests and Agreements, they were again allowed. At this time, they Observed a Device Featured in the Popular Electronics Magazine that was a Kind of Mini-Computer Kit. The Company called it Altair 8800. They both Could see the Possibilities of the New Device in The World of Personal Computing. 

They Approached the Company named MITS and Claimed that they were working on a BASIC Language Software that could Run on the Mini-Computer. Although they were Not having Any such Software with them ready at that time, Bill Just Wanted to see If MITS was Interested in their Project. As Expected, the MITS president, Ed Roberts Agreed and asked for a Test Demonstration. Bill and Paul Developed the Software Within Next 2 Months and Laid the Foundation for Micro-Soft, i.e; “Micro-Computer” and “Software”. The hyphen was Dropped within a year and Microsoft Name was Registered. 

Growth of Microsoft

As the personal Computing Industry was on the boom, more and more Technology Companies like Intel, IBM and Apple were Shifting to Making Hardware and the Need for Softwares was Increasing. Mrs. Mary’s Connection to IBM Allowed Bill To have a Meeting with IBM CEO. It Was the Skills of Gates due to Which IBM Trusted Microsoft and Believed that they can Fulfill The needs of IBM.

Bill Gates in front of Microsoft Logo
Bill Gates in front of Microsoft Logo

Gates Bought the Licence Rights of a Software called DOS developed by Few Developers to Run on PCs like IBM Has Made. The Company of Developers Later Filed a Case on Microsoft then they Got to Know it was for IBM. They Settled the case for an Undisclosed Amount. Microsoft Delivered the Software to IBM for $50,000, named it MS-DOS and Proposed IBM to Pay a Licencing fee for Each Copy of Software Sold. 

Due to Certain Differences the Partnership Between Microsoft and IBM Broke. A New Phase of Microsoft Started by that Time. They have Been Involved in Various Software and Hardware Products Including Windows, XBOX, Microsoft Office and What Not. Microsoft Worked on a Very Simple Vision at that time.

A Computer on Every Desk and a Microsoft Product on Every Computer.

Microsoft’s Vision

Philanthropic Actions | Bill Gates Success Story

Bill Gates has Given Highest Amount in Philanthropic Actions to the World. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Has Assets of Over $34.6 Billion As in 2013. He has Given his Contributions to Various Circumstances in Need. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Gave Over $1.5 Billion to United Negro College Fund, for Providing Financial Assistance to Minority Students. 

Philanthropic Actions
Philanthropic Actions

They Also Supported GAVI Alliance by a Whooping $957 Million for Development Of Vaccines. He Supported the World Health Organization(WHO) too by $682 Million. These are some of the Few Contributions to the Society by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. 

Quotes by Bill Gates

The Success Story of Bill Gates is Itself Like a Motivation for all the new Entrepreneurs. If we are getting to share Some More Success Quotes or Advice by Bill Gates, then it would be like Dream Come True for Us. Today is the Moment for it. We Have Some of the Very Special Quotes by Bill Gates.

Life is not Fair, Get Used to It.

Bill Gates

We Should Stop Expecting life to Hand you the Things Which You Think you “Deserve”. 

The World Doesn’t Care about your pride or Dignity

You Start Making something out of yourself Today. Don’t Judge About What People Think. 

Don’t Equate yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.

You are a Unique Personality. You Will Never FInd anyone in the world like you. 

Its Ok to Celebrate Victory, but its more Important to Analyze Failure

Quotes by Bill Gates
Quotes by Bill Gates

Victory doesn’t Teach you much as Failure. Each and Every Failure has an Important Lesson Associated With It. Each Lesson You will Learn Will Take you a step closer to Your Dream. 

As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

Be a Good Human Being First and Things would Automatically go Right.

This was the Bill Gates Success Story and Some Quotes by the Legend. If You liked Our Effort, show some Love by Comments and Share It. For More Such Success Stories, Visit Our Success Stories Category.

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