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In today’s Fast-Growing Economy Cars play a vital role in our life. Traveling with Ease can’t be Imagined Without Cars. Production of Cars was in its Baby Phase. Buying a Vehicle at that Time was Literally a Matter of Pure Luxury. The Situation Changed when a Legend Entered the Automobile World and they Started the Trend for Affordable Cars. We think you would have guessed it, Yes, We are Talking about Non-Other than Ford Motors Founder, Henry Ford, and His Success Story.

Henry Ford was an American Manufacturer, Entrepreneur, and Business Tycoon. He is the Founder of Ford Motors, which is the Fifth Largest Company as per Worldwide Car Sales. He was the first one to build Affordable Cars for the General Public. Ford Also Developed the technique of Assembly Line. He also had an interest in Materials Science and Engineering.

Henry Ford Success Story - Flowchart
Henry Ford Success Story – Flowchart

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Early Life | Henry Ford Success Story

Henry Ford was Born on 30th July in 1863 at a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan to William Ford and Mary Ford. His family was originally from Somerset, England. He was the eldest among his five Siblings. At the age of 15, He used to Repair Watches for His Friends and Neighbours, Gaining the Reputation as a Watch repairman. In 1882 when Ford was Working on his Family Farm, he also Started Operating the Westinghouse portable Steam Engine, where he was later Hired to Service the Steam Engines.

Early Life
Early Life of Henry Ford

Persuading his Interest in Automobiles, Ford became an Engineer in Edison Illuminating Company of Detroit in 1891. His promotion to Chief Engineer added to his Interest in the Personal Experiments of Gasoline Vehicles. Soon in 1896, he Completed his Project Vehicle which he named as Ford Quadricycle. In his Next Meeting with Thomas Edison, Ford Invented his Second Vehicle in 1898. Finally, Ford resigned from the Edison company and opened the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899. Subsequently, due to Higher Prices and Lower quality of Automobiles, the Company was dissolved in 1901.

Starting of Ford Motors

After Designing a 26 Horse-Power Car in 1901, Ford formed the Henry Ford Company on 30th November 1901. But, because of Some Reasons, Ford left it and Further Designed an 80+ Horse-Power Racer Car 999. Ford and Malcomson Started the Ford Motor Company in 1903 with a $28,000 capital. The Ford’s Car “999” made It Famous all over The United States, defining a new Phase of Ford Motors Success Story.

Henry Ford With the Model-T

The Ford Model named “Model-T” that had a Steering Wheel on the Left. It was an Idea that was Stolen by all the Companies Soon. All these Cars were Black in color as Ford believed that Black Could be changed to any other color. Ford Purchased Lincoln Motor Co. and added it to Their Empire. The cars of the company were Affordable to the General Public as well. Owing a Car was not that Difficult for Common People.

During the First World War, They Entered the Business of building Liberty airplanes. Ford also took over the Stout Metal Airplane Company. They were really a helping hand to the United States as it supplied them with Tractors, Trucks and Aircraft Engines. In 1917, When the U.S. entered World War I, the Liberty Engines of Airplanes and Anti-Submarine boats were majorly supplied by Ford Motor Co.

Difficulties Faced by Ford | Henry Ford Success Story

Things Felt Simple on the Front Screen but they were not as easy as they Seemed. In the Year 1929, when the Great Depression struck America 183 out of 200 Companies went Bankrupt. To Survive It, Companies Start Producing Better and Effective Cars. Ford too Survived the Depression along With Other Companies Such as Chevrolet and Rolls Royce. Henry Ford suffered from a Huge Mental Collapse in the 1940s due to Internal Ford Co. Affairs. The Company has gone Through Various Successes and Failures, As a result of Which, Even after 103 years of establishment Ford is One of the mightiest companies in the World.

Ford Motors Success Story
Ford Motors Success Story

Ford’s Philosophy Helped the United States to gain Economic Independence. With the course of time till 1932, Ford became the Manufacturer of the World’s one-third Automobiles. It set up its various Subsidiaries in Many Countries. Due to the death of Edsel Ford, President of Ford Company in 1943, The Elderly Henry Ford took the presidency. He was 80 years old and was suffering from various cardiovascular diseases. Due to Unfitness for Such Responsibilities, he Transferred it to his Grandson Henry Ford II and Retired in September 1945. He Passed away on April 7, 1947, at the age of 83. The World is still Following his Legacy.

This was the Success Story of the Legend Henry Ford. We hope that our Vision of Writing this has been Accomplished. The story is itself a Proof, that If we Give our 100% Dedication in any work and Posses a Never Give up spirit We can be Successful and Fulfill Our Dreams.

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