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Oracle Corporation – A Multinational American Corporation of Computer Technology. A Man who Stepped his feet out of poverty to become on one the Richest Persons of the world. Do you find a link between both? If you think there is No Connection, then You are Wrong my Friend. Because the Person we are talking about is none other than Sir Larry Ellison, the Co-Founder and Former CEO of Oracle Corporation. We are having today the Success Story of Larry Ellison.

Lawrence Joseph Ellison (Larry Ellison) is an Influential Businessman of America, Philanthropist and Investor. He is the Co-Founder and Former CEO of the Oracle Corporation. As per the Data of Forbes Magazine of 2020, he is listed as the Fourth Wealthiest Person of The United States and Fifth Wealthiest person of the world. He has a Net Worth of $63.2 Billion.

Larry Ellison Success Story - Flowchart of Oracle
Larry Ellison Success Story – Flowchart of Oracle

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Early Life of Larry Ellison

Early Life
Early Life

Larry Ellison was born in 1944 in the New York City, the U.S. to an Unwed Mother of 19. His Biological father was an Army Air Corps Pilot of America, whom he never met. When Ellison caught Pneumonia at the age of nine months, his mother gave him to his uncle and Aunt for adoption. His Adoptive Mother was very loving and Caring whereas his Father was Unsupportive. Ellison started his education at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, but he withdrew after the second year because his adoptive mother died. In 1966, he attended the University of Chicago for the first term and Dropped Out.

Early Career and Oracle | Larry Ellison Success Story

While working in the Ampex Corporation in the early 1970s, Ellison’s work included a Database for CIA which he named as “Oracle”. He was inspired by a paper written on Relational database systems by Edgar F. Codd Which was Related to the Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks. He founded Software Development Laboratories in 1977 with two other partners with $2000 investment. The Company was renamed in 1979 as Relational Software Inc. In the year 1983, the Company finally became the Oracle System Corporations with the invention of Oracle Database. The 1979’s Initial release of Oracle was called the “Oracle 2”.

Larry Ellison Oracle Success Story
Larry Ellison Oracle Success Story

Ellison was made the Director of Apple Computer in 1977 after the return of Steve Jobs to the company. He Resigned from this in 2002. By winning in the stiff competition with Sybase and Informix, Oracle enjoyed an Industry Dominance for years, But in late 1990’s the rise of Microsoft SQL Server and in 2001 the IBM’s taking of Informix Software, created problems for Oracle. In 2013 the main competitor of Oracle’s UNIX, Windows Operating System and Linux came out to be the Microsoft SQL Server and IBM’s DB2, which still dominates the market.

Following Which, in 2006 Ellison was the richest Californian as per Forbes. In January 2010, Oracle added the “Sun Microsystems” to its kingdom. With this Oracle also got control over the popular Open Source Database MySQL. On September 6, 2010, Oracle announced Mark Hurd as Co-President who in 2014 was made as the CEO of Oracle by Ellison whereas Ellison continued on his current role. In 2014 Ellison became the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Executive Chairman. In 2018, he became the Director on the Board of Tesla, Inc.

Personal Interests of Ellison

Leaving Business apart Ellison has various other personal Interest. The Most Important one includes Yacht Racing. Ellison participated in the yacht races with other members of Oracle. Ellison is also a Licensed Pilot. He owns several Aircraft including two Military Planes. Larry has a great interest in playing tennis. Ellison donates a heavy amount to needy and counted in the list of greatest Philanthropists. He has also helped the Democratic and Republican Politicians through money.

Larry Ellison Yacht Racing
Larry Ellison Yacht Racing

Struggles in Larry Ellison Success Story

It was not easy to Build such a Huge Empire. Ellison was interrupted by Many problems in his way to the Top. He was born to an unwed mother and was raised by an Adoptive Mother who died when he was studying in the second year of his University. When He started Oracle many companies cut his way through in between. The main one, Informix which was the biggest Rival of Oracle and this news was headlined for Silicon Valley newspapers for three years. In 1990, Oracle had to lay off 10% of its workforce as it was losing money. This crisis almost resulted in the Bankruptcy of the company. The situation was handled with the help of Potential Customers by buying a large number of Softwares at once.

In spite of all the struggles, Larry Ellison is one of the Wealthiest Men in the world with a net worth of over $63.2 Billion. We know that it was not easy, but you can just imagine that if it had been so easy then Everyone would have done it. Today Larry Ellison has Registered his Name in the History Forever, by his Risks and incorporating and Vision about the future.

This was All About the Larry Ellison Success Story. We hope that our Motive to write this Information has been accomplished. Just put your full potential and Pursue a never give up Spirit to Attain your Goals without thinking about future Results. For More Such Stories, Visit Our Success Stories Section.

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