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Nick Vujicic Success Story | Family | Life Story

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Is there Anything Going Bad Through your Life? Do you Consider that Your Life is Very Tough and You Blame God for It? What if I tell you there is a Person who is Deprived of the Very Basic Needs of a Human. Above all, he is Still Living his Life to the Fullest and Inspiring People all Over the Globe for a Better Life. A Person Without Arms and Legs, Still Chose the Career of a Motivational Speaker. We hope you may have Guessed the Personality. Yes, We are Talking About None Other than Nick Vujicic. In this article, We will discuss Nick Vujicic Success and Life Story, Along with his Family.

Nick Vujicic is an Australian Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Author and Actor. Born with a Rare Disorder called Tetra-Amelia Syndrome, in Which a Person is Born without Fully Developed Limbs. Facing all the Struggles, he is Today Running his Non-Profit Organization by the Name of “Life Without Limbs”, Focused on Helping Others.

Nick Vujicic Early Life | Success Story

Nicolas James Vujicic was born in Melbourne, Australia on 4th December 1982 to Dusanka and Borislav Vujicic. When he was Born, as Per his Autobiography it is Said that, her Mother Refused to Look at him or hold Nick for the First 4 Months. He Father Almost Fainted. But Ultimately they Both Accepted Nick as God’s Special Child. With his small and Deformed feet, he Learnt to Write, operate a Wheel Chair and Other Important Stuff. His childhood was full of Emotional, Mental and Physical struggle. Despite with the Abnormality he was Sent to a Public School.

When Nick Vujicic was 10, he Even Tried to Suicide by Drowning himself in their Family Bathtub. At 17, his mother showed him a News about how a Person was Dealing with Severe Disability and Enjoying Life. From the Moment he Started to Live Positively and Decided to Help People who were Facing the Same Situation. Thus, Deciding to be a Motivational Speaker. Vujicic graduated from Griffith University with a B.Com Degree.

Nick Vujicic Success Story - Life
Nick Vujicic Success Story – Life

Future Career

After the News, he Met his High School Janitor who advised him to Share His Story Among Other and Inspire them. This Laid the Foundation of the Motivational Speaking Career. He started off by his Speech among his First 6 Audience. He Started to Give Talks at the Local Prayer Group. Nick Moved to California in 2002 in Order to Work on his Dreams More. In 2005, Following his Career and the Spirit of Supporting Other, he Started his Non-Profit Organization “Life Without Limbs”. Later in 2007, he Started Attitude is Attitude, a Motivational Speaking Company. His Interest in Acting can be Seen by his Debut in A Short Film “The Butterfly Circus” in which he is Playing the Role of a Person who is Always Mocked by Others and how he Overcomes It.

Nick Won the Best Actor award for Acting in the Short-Film. Further in August 2011, he Released a Music Video called “Something More”. Nick Vujicic is Also Fond of Skydiving, Swimming and Other Adventure Sports Like Golf and Surfing. All of this in the Success Story and Life of Nick Vujicic Proves that No Matter what you have or what You Don’t Have You can Always make the Best of Your Life and Enjoy It.

Nick Vujicic Family

In 2008, Nick Vujicic was having an Event in McKinney, Texas. A Female Fan Kanye Miyahara Became Overwhelmed by his Motivational Speech and they Both Met and Started Dating. Kanae Miyahara Later Went on Becoming the First Member of Nick Vujicic’s Family. They Both Married on February 12, 2012. The Couple now Resides in Southern California and have 4 Children, Including 2 Sons and 2 Daughters.

Nick Vujicic Family
Nick Vujicic Family

This Was the Life Story of Nick Vujicic and his Success Proves that if he can Do it anyone Can. For More Such Inspirational Stories of Legends, Visit Our Respective Section.

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