Ratan tata Biography | Success Story | Quotes

Ratan Tata Biography | Success Story | Quotes | Speech

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We at The Amazing Writer are so Fortunate Today to Talk about a personality who carried India on his Own Shoulders since a Long Time. The Person who has the abilities and enough Assets that could make him the Richest Person in India or Maybe World even. But Instead of Own Welfare, he works for the Welfare of the Entire Nation. Yes, You Guessed it Right. We are Having Non-Other than Ratan Tata Biography with Us. This Blog is Dedicated to Ratan Tata Success Story, Quotes and Award-Winning Speech which he Delivered.

Ratan Tata is the former chairman of Tata Sons, the parent Organization of Tata Group. A Descendent to the Great Jamshedji Tata, Sir Ratan Naval Tata is an Indian Industrialist, Philanthropist, and an Investor. From joining the Company in 1961, becoming Chairman of Tata Group in 1991 and being in that Position for 21 Years, he Changed the Face of Tata Group Entirely.

Ratan Tata Biography - Success Story - Flowchart
Ratan Tata Biography – Success Story – Flowchart

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Brief History of Tata Group

The Legendary Group was started by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, son of the owner of an Export Trading firm. He was born in Navsari, Gujrat in 1839. In 1872, after Working in Export Sector, he started his Own Cotton Mill in Nagpur. He was one of the First who cared about the Facilities and Working Conditions of Workers in the Mill. After the Success of Textiles Business, Tata shifted its Focus Towards Iron and Steel Industry, Hydroelectric Industry and Education Sector. Under the Guidance of his Sons, Sir Dorabaji Tata and Sir Ratanji Tata, the Tata Iron and Steel Company became the Largest of its Kind in India.

Tata Group Chairmen History
Tata Group Chairmen History

After Sir Dorabaji, the Tata Group was Handed Over to Sir J.R.D. Tata who was the Youngest to Handle the Group and he remained as the Chairman for Tata Group for about 53 Years. Under his Vision and Guidance, Tata Group Entered Into Various Other Industries Including Airlines, Chemicals, Automobiles and Many More. It was 1991 when Sir Ratan Tata Took Over Tata Group as a Chairman.

Early Life | Ratan Tata Success Story

Sir Ratan Naval Tata was born on December 28, 1937, at Bombay, India to Mr. Naval Tata and Mrs. Sonoo. His Father was the Adopted Son of Jamsetji Tata’s Younger Son, Ratanji Tata. Therefore, he Belonged to Main Tata Family Tree by Birth. People often think that he must have been born with a Golden Spoon in Mouth. But, it was not the case with Mr. Ratan Tata. At the age of 10, his parents divorced and he was brought up by his grandmother, Navajbai Tata. His Basic Education was Completed in Mumbai Itself and further was done in Shimla. He Graduated in 1955, from Riverdale Country School, New York.

Ratan Tata Early Life | Biography
Ratan Tata Early Life | Biography

After that, he went to Cornell University to receive a B.S degree in Architecture in 1959. Also, Mr. Tata attended a 7 Week Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School in 1975. He was Offered a Job by IBM in 1962. For a Short Period of time, he tried it. But very soon he was called back by Sir J.R.D. Tata to India to work with Tata Group.

Joining Tata Group | Ratan Tata Biography

He joined Tata Group in 1962 and was sent to Shop Floor at Tata Steel. He worked for the Next 9 Years in Various Sectors of Tata and Gained Experience. In 1971, he was given the charge of National Radio and Electronics Company Limited(NELCO) as a Director. It was Already Struggling in Finances and was in a Loss of 40% and was having a market share of 2%. After Ratan Tata was Given in Charge its market share increased from 2% to 25%. The Economic Recession and Union Strikes were a factor that diminished the Growth of NELCO.

Ratan Tata Success Story | JRD Tata
Ratan Tata Success Story | JRD Tata

In 1981, Sir JRD Tata announced Ratan Tata as an Heir to the Tata Group and assigned him the position of Chairman of Tata Industries and later in 1991 he took over as the chairman of Complete Tata Group. Ratan Tata has to face a lot of criticism since people believed that he is not Ready and not Experienced Enough to Handle a Business of Scale like Tata Group. But his ethics and Techniques to work over in the Coming Years Proved all of them Wrong.

Tata Group Growth Under Sir Ratan Tata

Under the Guidance of Ratan Tata and Original Vision of JRD Tata and Jamsetji Tata, Tata Group expanded like Boom. He started focusing on the Technology Sector More and Started Collaborating with Other Companies. Different Entrepreneurial Ideas were Implemented in the time period. In 2000, Tata Tea Acquired London-Based Tetley Tea for $431.3 Million. Tata Steel made the biggest corporate deal by an Indian Company in 2007. It Purchased Anglo-Dutch steel manufacturer Corus Group for $11.3 billion.

Ratan Tata Speech
Ratan Tata Speech

Ratan Tata and his team were insulted by Ford Motors in 1999, when they tried to sell Tata Motors. Exactly 9 Years after, in 2008 Tata Motors purchased Jaguar and Land Rover for $2.3 Billion to support Ford Motors Financially. The Same Year Ratan Tata Launched the Most Economical Car of the World “Tata Nano”. It was launched at a Price of About Rs 1,00,000 or about $2,000. During the 21 Years of Ratan Tata, Revenues of Tata Group Grew over 40 times, and Profit, Over 50 Times. He retired as Chairman of Tata Group in December 2012. But his Legacy Continues.

Philanthropic Actions |Ratan Tata Success Story

Philanthropy is in Blood of Tata Group. With the Capacity and enough assets to be the Richest Person alive, Ratan Tata has a net worth of only $1 Billion. This is because of more than 65% of his share in Tata is Invested in Charitable Trusts working in Welfare of the Country and its People. This Culture is followed for a long time in the Tata Family. People and Nation is Always a Priority for them. Sir Ratan Tata still holds the position of chairman for Sir Dorabaji Tata Trust and Sir Ratan Tata Trust, which has over 65% Ownership in Tata Group.

Ratan Tata Quotes | Speech

Ratan Tata Quotes
Ratan Tata Quotes

The Success Story or Biography of Ratan Tata is enough inspiration for all. It is proof that even if you have a powerful and Wealthy Family Background, you have to work hard and create your own Legacy in between. We are having some Pieces of Advice in the form of Ratan Tata Quotes and the Award-Winning Speech of the Legend.

Good and Bad times in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an E.C.G means no life.

Ratan Tata

Collect the Stones thrown to you and Build Your Kingdom

Don’t Wait to take the right decision, instead take a Decision and make it Right.

If you want to go Fast, Walk Alone. If You want to go far, Go Together.

These were some of the Ratan Tata Quotes that We Found the Most Inspiring. We have Attached a Short Clip of Sir Ratan Tata Speech that touched People’s Heart and Inspired A lot.

This was the Success Story and Biography of Sir Ratan Naval Tata. We Hope You Loved it. For any Suggestion on Our Story or any Reviews Please Comment and Show some Love by Sharing.

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