Reliance Jio Success Story

Reliance Jio Success Story | Jio Digital Life

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Internet – A thing Which Almost Every Individual Uses All across the Globe. India was a Country that was Very much Untouched by the Digital Revolution. But due to Initiatives of the Govt. of India and a Company, the Face of Internet Completely Changed in the Last Few Years. We Hope you Already have Judged the Company. Yes, We are Talking about the Reliance Jio, A Company Responsible for Revolutionising the Telecom Sector in India. In this article, We will be Talking about a New Name that Becomes the Most Remembered Name in the Market. Yes, we have the Reliance Jio Success Story with Us.

The Telecom Sector in India is highly Competitive with multiple groups trying to Capture the Market. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited entered the Sector in 2016. Jio was not Just an Ordinary Telecom Company but a Complete Game Changer, Revolutionising the Telecom Rates. One Question that seems to Blow Everyone’s Mind is how will the company made a profit when the rates are so Low. To understand this question one should know about Mukesh Ambani‘s great Ambitions. They were not for the Present, but the Future.

How Jio Grew Up | Reliance Jio Success Story

There Were More than 100 Cr Mobile users in 2016 in India. Out of the Huge Number, only 34% were Connected with the Internet. Only 12%, Used 3G Data or Above. Networks like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone knew the Existing Situation about the Market but Didn’t Felt the Need to Bring a Change in the Internet Data Prices. If Any Company manage to capture the Data Industry in India they virtually will own the Entire Telecom Sector. Then the Entry of Jio, Makes an Everlasting Impact on the Industry. It took the market by storm by offering Free Data Services and Free Calls for Nearly a year.

Reliance Jio Success Story
Reliance Jio Success Story

The Free Data and Free Calls Made People Realize the True Potential for the Internet. Initially, Jio Offered 4 GB/Day Data, Unlimited Calls and Jio Apps Subscription as a Gift for 3 Months to People who Signed Up for Jio. As Per Statistics, It is Said that Jio Gained More than 50 Million Subscribers Within 83 Days of Launch. After the “Welcome Offer”, Happy New Year Offer was Launched Which Continued the Jio Services for Free. Next in line was Summer Surprise offer and after it was banned by the Telecom Regulation Authority of India. The same offer but in a different way was ” Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan”.

How Jio is Different

The Biggest Difference between them and Other Competitors is Jio Optical Fibre Network. Reliance Jio has the longest Fibre Optic Network in the Country Ranging over 2,50,000 Km. The 90,000 Eco-Friendly 4G Towers Provide 4G Coverage all over the Nation. A Humongous Investment was Made by Mr Ambani in the New Startup. Mukesh Ambani has Invested Over 1,50,000 Lakh Crore Which is twice the Combine Investment of Airtel, Idea and Vodafone in the 4G Spectrum.

This Kind of Risk requires a great Planning and this Planning comprises of Five steps:

  1. Discount – Undercut the Market price by Giving Attractive Discounts and Free Promotional Data
  2. Let Every One switch to Jio or at least buy a Jio SIM.
  3. To make the Customers Realize that in this High-Tech World 1GB data is not Sufficient
  4. Grow Your Subscriber Base by having Amazing Customer Care
  5. Recover your Investment using the Large No. of Users Accumulated.

This whole Master plan is Based on One Single Thing that is Volume. Mukesh Ambani Analyzed It’s Better to charge ₹1000 from 10 Customers Rather than ₹10,000 from One. It is said that if 60% of Indians uses 1GB Internet per month then Jio will be able to recover its First investment in Three Years. Jio’s Ambitions are not limited exclusively to Mobile Internet Services. The company plans to increase its profit from its mobile apps which Include Variety of Services.

Reliance Jio Success Story
Reliance Jio Success Story

Mukesh Ambani has recognized Mobile Internet to be the most Profitable Venture in the Era. Before the commercial launch of Jio, less than 15% of Indians has access to 4G connectivity, a Figure that Telecom Industry Wished to push to a whopping 90% by 2017 End. Mr Ambani thinks, a Business Needs a purpose beyond just making a profit. He believes that if one Creates a Social Value Product then Economic Return will Follow.

This was the Reliance Jio Success Story, the Biggest Telecom Sector Company in India. Above All, For More Such updates, Visit Our Success Stories Section.

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