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Virgin Group – A Group With Almost 400 Companies Under It. A Man Who Dropped Out His School at 16. Do You think there Would be Anything Common Between the Two?? If Your Answer is no, we have the Story of a Person Who is Founder and CEO of the Same Company. Yes, We are Having today, Richard Branson Success Story, A Person who Dropped Out of his School and Ended Up Creating One of the Biggest Group of Companies – Virgin Group.

Sir Richard Branson is a British Entrepreneur, Investor, Author, and Billionaire Philanthropist. He is the Only Entrepreneur Who Built 8 Different Sector Companies Unicorn i.e; Billion-Dollar Startups. He Heads the Virgin Group with Companies Like Virgin Megastore, Virgin Hyperloop-One, Virgin Mobiles, Virgin Airlines, and Virgin Galactic Under It. He Is Considered to be one of the Biggest Opportunists, Marking his Presence in Every Sector Possible through the Virgin Group.

Early Life of the Serial Entrepreneur

Richard Branson Early Life
Richard Branson Early Life

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born on 18 July 1950 at Blackheath, London. He was born to Edward James Branson and Eve Branson. His Grandfather, Sir George Arthur Branson was the Judge of the High Court of Justice. Branson was Not Interested in Studies from the Beginning. He had Dyslexia – A Reading Disorder and Had Poor Academic performance because of It. However, he had an Entrepreneurial Mindset from an Early Age.

Young Branson Started Ventures to grow and sell both Christmas trees and budgerigars, but, Failed Soon. But the Spirit of Not Giving is a Trait found in Entrepreneurs from Starting. At the age of 16, Branson started a Maganize Called Student. It gave a Wide Exposure of Business World to Sir Richard. He Used it to Advertise Various Record Albums and It Served as a Major Contribution in Starting of His Mail Order Company ‘Virgin’.

Founding Virgin Group | Richard Branson Success Story

Seeing the Scope of Record Labels in the Time, Sir Richard Used his Savings from the Above Business and Started the Legendary Virgin Records. This laid the foundation of the Virgin Group Success Story. Their First Artist was Mike Oldfield. In 1973 their First Song, “Tubuler Bells”, was a Huge Success and topped the UK Chart for almost 247 Weeks. The Iconic Artists Such as Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols were soon Under the Label, making it a Huge Success. It became the World’s Largest Independent Recording Label, Making Richard Branson a Millionaire with Net Worth of £5 Million in 1979.

Virgin Group - Richard Branson Success Story
Virgin Group – Richard Branson Success Story

Creating new Startups Time to Time based on the Opportunities was a Habit of Mr. Branson from the Starting. In 1980, he Started Voyager Group Travel Company. The Story of Starting of Virgin Atlantic is Quite Interesting as well. While Going to meet his Girfriend at Virgin Islands, the Flight of Richard Branson got Cancelled. This Exposed the Shortcoming of the Airline Industry, and to fill the Empty Holes, Virgin Airlines was Created.

The Success of Virgin Group

Due to the Unique Marketing Skills of the Founder, the New Companies he Started had a Great Market Base. After the Airways, he Founded Virgin Holidays in 1985. In 1992, due to Financial Struggle he Sole, Virgin Records Label to Thorn EMI for $1 Billion. To Enter into the Music Business, he Created V2 Records in 1996, which is Still Dominating the Market. Soon he Expanded his Business into a Train Company, Mobiles Phones, Cosmetics, Cola, Brides and Much More. Out of These, Some were Successful Some were Not.

Virgin Group Success Story
Virgin Group Success Story

In 2004, he Announced the Starting of a Space Travel Company named Virgin Galactic. It Provided Outer Orbital Space Travel for About $200,000. By April 2013, More than 500 People have Registered for the Tour. His Company, Virgin Mobiles was Sold for almost £1 Billion in 2006. In 2007, again to Enter the Media Market, he Started Virgin Media. In 2015, Richard Announced the Founding of Virgin Voyages, a Cruise Line Startup. Further, In 2017, Virgin Group Invested in Hyperloop One, a High-Speed Travel Solution Changing its Name to Virgin Hyperloop One. Till Date, It’s Said that More than 400 Different Types of Companies are Under Virgin Group. The Exact Number Can’t be Confirmed by Anyone till Date.

Failures | Richard Branson Success Story

The Richard Branson Success Story seems like that Everything he Started Succeeded. But this is Not the Case. He has been involved in a No. of Failed Business. In 1994, he Started Virgin Cola which Failed Later and Acquired Just 0.5% of the Market Share. Virgin Cars, Founded in May 2000, was De-Functioned in December 2005. Other Failures Included Virgin Brides, Virgin Clothing, Publishing, etc. It is Often Said by Mr. Branson that He was Never Afraid of Failures, Instead, he took Them as a Motivation for Further Success.

This Was the Success Story of Virgin Group and Richard Branson. It Proves that even If We Miss any Opportunity or Failed in Some, New Ones are Always Waiting for Us. We Should not Wait for the Perfect Time when you’re ready and then Start. Just Start and Make it Perfect. Another Important lesson is no Matter how absurd Your Idea is to Other, If You Believe in Your Idea, You Should do It.

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