Steve Jobs Success Story

Steve Jobs Success Story | Entrepreneurship Lessons

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When We Talk About Struggles, We see that Entrepreneurship is The Most Challenging one. Each one of three people calls him/her as an entrepreneur. But when it comes to true Entrepreneurs, Few Remain Standing in Queue. One Such Persona, Who Initiated the Digital Revolution, The One Whose Name is Enough to Describe him, Who needs No Introduction is Steve Jobs. We’ll Be Discussing Steve Jobs Success Story and Entrepreneurship Lessons Which will Guide you Through Tough Portions of Life.

He is considered as the father of the Digital Revolution and the Most Daring CEOs of All Time. He is the Most Loved Entrepreneur Of the 21st Century. Steve Jobs Was the Founder of Apple Inc., Primary Investor, and ex-CEO of Pixar, and one of the Board of Directors of Walt Disney Company.

Early Life | Steve Jobs Success Story

He was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California. He lived in Mountain View, California, with his foster family within the area that is currently known as Silicon Valley. As a baby, Jobs was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs and they named him Steven Paul Jobs. Clara used to work as an accountant, and Paul was a Coast Guard vet and mechanic. As a boy, Jobs and his father worked on electronics in their family garage. Paul showed his son how to isolate and reconstruct electronics. This way Journey of Legend Started.

Steve Jobs Early Life - Success Story
Steve Jobs Early Life – Success Story

High School and Graduation:-

Steve Jobs showed an early interest in electronics and gadgets. While in high school, he fearlessly called Hewlett-Packard co-founder and chairman William Hewlett to ask for parts for a school project. Impressed by Jobs, Hewlett not only provided him with the parts but also offered him an internship at Hewlett-Packard. It was the moment that Jobs met and befriended Steve Wozniak, a young engineer who was five years his senior.

After graduating from high school, Jobs enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Ore. but dropped out after one semester. He Continued to Attend Calligraphy Lessons which formed the basis for the Design in Apple Keyboard and Macbooks.

Starting Of Apple:-

In 1976, When Jobs was Just 21 years old, he and his partner Steve Wozniak started Apple Computers. They started their entrepreneurial Journey in Jobs’ Family Garage, by Jobs Selling his Volkswagon Van and Wozniak Selling his Beloved Hewlett-Packard Scientific Calculator.

Steve Jobs Starting Apple
Steve Jobs Starting Apple

They are credited with revolutionizing the Computer Industry by Making Machines Smaller and Affordable. Wozniak Conceived a series of User-Friendly Computers and with Jobs in charge of Marketing, they Launched Apple 1 in the Market. Although the Apple I sold mainly to technocrats, it generated enough sales to enable Jobs and Wozniak to improve and update their design. In 1977, they introduced the Apple II to the World — the first personal computer with colors and a keyboard. It was a Huge Success for Apple and Generated about $200 million.

Start Of Downfall in Steve Jobs Success Story:-

As Expected there is a phase in everyone’s life when he/she sees a downfall. The same happened with him Too. By 1980, Shine of Apple Started to Wear off. It lost nearly half of its market to IBM. Facing wear off, Jobs introduced the Apple Macintosh in 1984 to restart everything. The first personal computer to feature a GUI (Graphical User Interface ) controlled by a mouse. It was a true breakthrough in terms of ease-of-use. But the marketing behind it was flawed. At $2,495, It was too Expensive.

For Jobs, this turn of events meant serious trouble and problems. He clashed with Apple’s board of directors and, in 1983, was removed from the board by CEO John Sculley, whom Jobs had appointed to help him to run Apple. Removed from all power and control, Jobs eventually sold his shares of Apple stock and resigned in 1985.

Steve Jobs- Apple Macintosh
Apple Macintosh

Later that Year, Jobs Used some of his Money and started NeXT, a Hardware Company, aiming to Revolutionize the Industry. On Launch of its first Computer with Exceptionally Fast Drive, Amazing Graphics and Optical Disc Drive, It was Priced at $9,950. Being So Expensive, it became a failure. Hence Jobs Shifted NeXT from a Hardware to a Software Company.

Along with that, he started to focus on other business, Pixar Animation Studios, which he purchased from George Lucas in 1986. Jobs Started to work upon First-Ever Computer-Animated Film-“Toy Story”, which became a huge success in Nov 1995. Fueled by this Steve Jobs Decided to take Pixar Public in 1996. On the First Day Itself, his 80% share of the Company was Worth over $1 Billion.

Return of Steve Jobs to Apple:-

After Few days of Pixar’s IPO, Apple bought NeXT Computers for $400 Million. With This Steve Jobs was back to his Own Company which he Created. At End of March 1997, Apple Announced Loss of $708 Million and the Former CEO of Apple Gilbert F. Amelio Resigned and Steve Jobs took Over as New CEO. He debuted a new line of affordable Home Desktop in 1998, The iMacs. Under Jobs’ leadership, Apple quickly returned to profit, and by the end of 1998, claimed sales of $5.9 billion.

Steve Jobs Success Story- iMac
Steve Jobs Success Story- iMac

He Pulled Back the Company he founded to track and Apple was now on its Way to be the Best Again. Next Decade, Apple Launched Various Other Range of Products Including iPod in 2001, iTunes Store in 2003, iPhone in 2007 and iPad in 2010. The Future Success of Apple is Known to Each One of Us. It became the first $1 Trillion Company recently.

Health Issues of Steve Jobs:-

During his Success Period, he was facing Health Issues. In mid-2004 he had undergone an operation to Remove a Tumour From his Pancreas. In Jan 2011, he announced medical leave for absence from Apple. He Said he would continue as CEO and will take part in important decisions of the Company.

Health Issues of Jobs
Health Issues of Jobs

Eight months later, Apple announced that Steve Jobs Resigned as CEO and that he would be replaced by COO Tim Cook. Jobs said he would remain with Apple as chairman. But In October 2011, Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56 due to problems related to pancreatic cancer. Jobs is described as a “hopeless romantic” who just wanted to make a change in the World. Steve Jobs Success Story is Itself like a Motivation for all the Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Lessons | Steve Jobs Success Story

As We can Already observe from the Success Story of Steve Jobs that he was one of the Greatest Entrepreneurs of the Century. His Story and even Steve Jobs Himself share Many Live Entrepreneurship lessons that a budding Startup geek Should be Following. These are some of the Mistakes an Entrepreneur should never be doing in his Journey.

1.) No Persistence:-

Most of the geeks think that they will launch Something in the Market and it would immediately be a Huge Success. But This is not the case. We Need to be Patient and Keep Putting Efforts. Persistence is the key that you will be needing in the Journey.

Entrepreneurship Lessons - Persistence
Entrepreneurship Lessons – Persistence

Passion is usually overestimated while persistence is a bigger necessity than passion in building a successful venture. But any entrepreneur who is 12 months into entrepreneurship, not making the projected revenue, would tell you passion isn’t the fuel that is helping them drive business, it is persistence that makes it happen.

2.) Self-Doubts

“No Failure has killed More Dreams than Self-Doubt Did in the Past Years”. As you go through Failures in the journey and see your Other Friends or Family Members, being Successful in their respective fields, you start to think that “Maybe Entrepreneurship is not for Me!!!”, this thinking leads you to More number of Failures.

Entrepreneurship Lessons - Self-Belief
Entrepreneurship Lessons – Self-Belief

We Are Expecting huge from business, so it completely obvious that we need to pay price for that too. That Price is Paid in the form of these things only. Frustrations, Self-doubts, Tensions and Many More are Very Common Prices. So Be Normal and don’t Doubt Your Capability.

3.) Lack of Funds:-

No entrepreneur starts a startup to fail, but unequal access to working capital and other funds is a huge factor in a business’s lack of success and ultimate failure. Few People Spend too much from their own and end up being bankrupt early. To Avoid this have a strong Planning for your future and keep all the Options in Hand. Try to Contact Investors, as this would give you financial support and also they will support you and ensure that Your Business is Making Profits.

4.) Focus only on building and not on the customers

Entrepreneurship Lessons - Focus on Customer
Entrepreneurship Lessons – Focus on Customer

Life’s too small to create something nobody wants.” Approx 42% of Ventures Fail Because they build something that is not needed or doesn’t have market value. People just focus on Buiding the Product not on the Market needs and mostly they end up failing.

Nine of the top 20 reasons for startup failures – and five out of the top 10 – were linked with customers – not satisfying customers’ needs, not listening to them or even ignoring them. This is one of the Biggest Reason Why Startups Fails. Hence Focus More on Customers and Market Value it would Provide.

“The people who are mad enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do it.”

This was the Steve Jobs Success Story and Entrepreneurship Lessons by Him. Visit The Amazing Writer- Home for More.

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