Success Story of Facebook | Mark Zuckerberg

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The Social Network Used by Over 2.5 Billion Monthly Users was not the Same from the First Day. The Organization that Today has acquired the Top 2 other Social Networking Platforms was not that Wealthy from Day 1. Yes, we are Talking About the World’s Biggest Social Networking Platform i.e; Facebook. We at The Amazing Writer are Today having the Success Story of Facebook and the World’s youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Success story.

Success Story of Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg
Success Story of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg

People Often Think that Facebook is the First Startup that Mark Zuckerberg Created but its a Combination of Various Other Efforts that Resulted it Into Facebook, what it is Today. A Kid With Ambitions and a Vision to Prove Something to Someone created a Remarkable Platform for the World. He is a Young Entrepreneur Who became an Idol for Every Startup Enthusiast all Across the World. 

Early Life | Mark Zuckerberg Success Story

Mark Zuckerberg was Born on May 14, 1984, at Dobbs Ferry on the Suburbs of New York. He was born to Mr. Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist by profession, and Mrs. Karen Zuckerberg, a psychiatrist. Mark was interested in Programming from Elementary School following which his Parents Got him his First PC Quantex 486DX. He Learnt to Code in Atari BASIC Programming. At the age of 12, he created a Messenger called, “ZuckNet”. It Allowed Computers that are Connected to It to Transfer Messages Between Them.

Early Life of Mark Zuckerberg
Early Life of Mark Zuckerberg

At High School, Mark Zuckerberg Created a Media Player that can Recognize the Taste of a Person in Music and Accordingly Suggest Songs. Microsoft was one of the Key Companies that showed Interest in Buying It but Zuckerberg Denied. Mark Entered Harvard in the Fall of 2002, Scoring a complete 1600 in SAT Exam. Very Soon He Became Famous as a Programming Prodigy at Harvard due to the Works he has Done in High School. 

Success Story of Facebook | Fashmash | Harvard Connection

The Journey of Mark at Harvard Started with a Program Named Coursematch, which he created in order to help the Students in Deciding Which Course to Choose for the Semester. This was Based on Which Kind of Courses are in Trending and Which Courses their Friends are Taking. In 2003, frustrated by some of the horrendous Profile Pictures of People at Kirkland (Harvard Dorm) Facebook, he Thought of comparing them to Farm Animals and Vote. Funny, Right ?? 

Success Story of Facebook | Mark Zuckerberg
Success Story of Facebook | Mark Zuckerberg

But he Modified the Idea and thought of Comparing Two People Together. Based on the Idea, he Created Fashmash. He used ID Photos of female UG students hacked from their Respective Houses and Rated their Hotness. The Site got more than 22,000 hits in less than 24 hrs. It was Taken Down by Harvard Authorities due to Violations of Several Policies and appropriate Actions were taken against Mr. Zuckerberg.

A few months after Fashmash, one of Harvard’s Students- Divya Narendra showed interest in an Idea called Harvard Connection along with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. It was Called to be Social Network Connecting Students. They Approached Mark Zuckerberg to Code for the Social Network. While Working on It, he got the Idea of His Own Social network which gave Users freedom to Upload their Own Photos and Add Friends.

Growth of Facebook | Future

On February 04, 2004, the Domain was registered which was initially just for Harvard Students. Mark Zuckerberg Initially with Eduardo Saverin Founded The Facebook, but as soon as It Acquired more Users, More No. of Programmers were needed. This was the moment when the other co-founders of Facebook Met Mr. Zuckerberg. After some time the Registrations were increased to Stanford, Yale, and Columbia University. Further to all the People with Age more than 13.

Mark in front of Facebook Office
Success Story of Facebook | Mark Zuckerberg

As the Site began to Expand, the Team Started to Look for Investors. Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, the first President of Facebook, suggested to Remove “The” Before “Facebook” and the Name Continues till today. His connection to various Capitalists was the Primary Reason for the First Investment that too from One of Paypal Founders, Peter Thiel worth $500,000. Facebook Began growing Rapidly and Very Soon it Completed 1 Million Users.

Various Other Companies Started to Invest in Facebook and very Soon Success story of Facebook started to be Noticeable. Yahoo Even Proposed $900 Million to Zuckerberg to Purchase Facebook, but Mark Denied it. Very Soon through Advertisements and Facebook Ads or Other In-App Purchases, it started to Earn. And Eventually, Mark Zuckerberg became the World’s Youngest Billionaire. 

Complaints against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

As Said in the Movie, ” The Social Network” that “You can’t make a Billion Friends without Making a few Enemies”. Mark Zuckerberg Faced a Lot of Criticism and Lawsuits from the Starting Stage. He faced the Harvard Cell on Facemash for Hacking and Violating Privacy Rights. Later the Winklevoss Brothers and Narendra Filed a Case on Mark for Stealing their Source Code but nothing Much can’t be Proved in Court. The Results Were not Announced. 

Lawsuits Against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook

It is said that in 2009, Mark Zuckerberg agreed to pay $45 Million to them to settle the case. The Brothers Approached the Court Later too, but their Petition was Rejected. After that, Cambridge Analytics case and Various Other Lawsuits were Filed due to Privacy Breaches, he has to face the US Congress on 10th April and 11th April 2018. These were Major Cases and Apart from them, there were Various Other Cases

Purchasing Instagram, Whatsapp, and Oculus Rift | Mark Zuckerberg Success Story

When Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, he didn’t Knew about Business much. But as soon as he Started Working he got to know Various strategies and business Rules. As Soon as, Facebook kept on growing, he kept on Acquiring New Ventures and Investing in Them. In April 2012, Facebook Acquired the Upcoming Next Generation Photo-Sharing App Instagram for $1 Billion. 

Success story of Facebook - Purchased Instagram and Whatsapp
Success story of Facebook – Purchased Instagram and Whatsapp

In March 2014, the VR Startup, Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook for $2 Billion including $400 Million Cash and Rest in Stocks. Following October, one of the Biggest Deals of History Happened. Facebook Acquired Instant Messaging Network Whatsapp for $22 Billion Including $4.59 Billion Cash and 177,760,669 Shares. 

This was the Success Story of Facebook, the World’s Biggest Social Network and Mark Zuckerberg Success Story, which is itself a proof that Age is not a Deciding for Being Successful. We Hope You Liked it. Kindly Give your Valuable Suggestions and Feedbacks Through Comments and Please Share It. 

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