Successful Entrepreneurs in the World - List of Top 10

Successful Entrepreneurs in the World | List of Top 10

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Entrepreneurship Huh? Almost Everyone in the World is Fascinated with the Word and the Lifestyles of the Ones who Carry it as Their Profession. Very Few of Them Truly knows what it is Actually and What it Takes to be Successful. This Article at The Amazing Writer Talks about Top 10 Such Personas who Choose this Extraordinary field, Sacrificed few Years of their Lives like no One would do and Now they are Living the Life that Everyone in the World Admires. Yes, We are Talking about the List of Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World who Left an Ever Lasting Legacy Over the World. They are the Ones whose Startups are Considered to Impact the World Most. This List is Entirely Based on the Struggles, Success and Our Research for The Legends. It is not an Order Specific List. Above All, Each one of them is/was a Legend.

1.) Jeff Bezos | Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

The Founder of the World’s Biggest Marketplace, Amazon, Jeff Bezos is Obviously Considered as one of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in the World. He is Crowned as the “Richest Man in the Modern History” with a Net Worth of Over $117 Billion after his Divorce with his ex-Wife MacKenzie in Which Almost One Quater of his Wealth was Transferred. The Richest Man in the World Started Amazon in 1995 at the age of 30. Within Few Years Amazon was one of the Biggest Names in the Market.

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos

Creating Such a Huge Empire was not Easy for a Boy Born to a 16-Year-old Teenager. He was Further Adopted by his Stepfather, Miguel Bezos. But, this Fact Didn’t Stop him to Pursue his Dreams just Like his Fellow Founders Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison. Along With Amazon, Jeff Bezos is also the Founder of Blue Origin, a Space Travel Company and Owner of “The Washington Post.” He is also an Early Investor in Google, Twitter, Airbnb Etc., Bezos Always Quotes that He Never Regrets Trying and Failing, Instead, he Would Regret More on Not Trying that It.

2.) Bill Gates

Bill Gates, there would be no Amazement if this Name is Used as a Synonym for Success and Richness. He is the Founder of Microsoft, one of the Biggest Technology Companies Dominating the Market. Most Importantly, he served as the World’s Richest Man for the Maximum Time and is Currently the Second Richest Man after Jeff Bezos but at the Same Level in the List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World. He is the President of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an Organization Working on Philanthropy and Betterment of the World.

Bill Gates - Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World
Bill Gates – Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

Mr Gates Started his Entrepreneurial Journey at the age of 15, where he Developed a Software for Monitoring Traffic, which was Later Sold for $20,000. Seeing the Need for Software in the Increasing Hardware Market Dominated by Intel, IBM and Apple, Bill Gates Launched Microsoft in the Software Market Which is Still Considered the King of Operating Systems. Bill Gates Often says that ” Life is not Fair, We Should Get Used to the Fact.” You Should Stop Expecting the Thing Which “You Think You Deserve.”

3.) Warren Buffett | List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

The True Example of Compounding Genius in the World, Warren Buffett is Consider the Most Renowned Investor of Our Time. Better known by the name, “Oracle of Omaha”, Warren Buffett is Founder and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and the Largest Shareholder. He is the 4th Richest Person in the World With a Net Worth of Over $70.5 Billion as of March 2020. Born in 1930 in Omaha, Buffett was Interested in Business and Investing from an Early Age Itself. At the age of 11, he Bought Himself 3 Shares of Cities Service and Bought a Piece of Land with $1200 of his Savings at the Age of 14.

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

In his Initial Years of Investing during 1954-1956, Buffett Worked with his Idol Benjamin Graham whose Book, “The Intelligent Investor” highly Influenced him. But the Partnership broke when Graham Retired. Following Which, Buffett Started his Own Partnership and took Control of a Textile Company “Berkshire Hathaway” and Converted it Entirely into an Investment Based Company. His Major Investments in Coca-Cola, Graham Holdings Company and The Gillette Company Led him to the Position of Director of these Organizations as Well.

4.) Steve Jobs

The Persona who Initiated the Digital Revolution in the World and Whose Name is Enough to Describe him is the Legendary Steve Jobs. His Struggles are Truly Inspirational. Although not Between us Today, His Legacy is Still Continued in the Biggest IT Company of the World, Apple, Making him to this list of Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World. Steve Jobs is considered to be the Most Loved and Daring CEOs of the 21st Century. Along with the Founding Member of Apple Inc., he was the Primary Investor and ex-CEO of Pixar and a Board of Director for the Walt Disney Company.

Steve Jobs Success Story - List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World
Steve Jobs – List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

Born in 1955, California, his Foster Father Paul Jobs used to give him Exposure for Various Electronics at an Early Age. His Daringness was Illustrated when he Directly Called co-Founder of HP for School Projects Items. Steve Jobs Started Apple ALong with his Friend, Steve Wozniak by selling his Van. Apple by the Launch by Apple II Computer Climbed the Heights of Success Soon. But Steve Jobs Was fired by then-CEO from his Company which he Created. Apple Went on the Stage of Bankruptcy without Jobs and Was brought Back to the Company by Purchasing his New Company NeXT. The Success Story of Steve Jobs is Really Worth a Read.

5.) Elon Musk | Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

Elon Musk is Considered to the Most Revolutionary Man in the Current Time. He is the Person who Working to Transform human Transportation on Both Earth and in Space Through Tesla And SpaceX. Yes, he is the Founder and CEO of the Two Companies. With a Net Worth of over $30 Billion, his Futuristic Vision Keeps him In this List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World. He is also the Founding Member of Paypal) and Chairman of Solar City and The Boring Company.

Elon Musk - Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World
Elon Musk – Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

The Starting of the Legend is Same as the Other Entrepreneurs in the List. He too Faced Criticism and Struggles in his Starting Phase. In 1995, he Founded Zip2 which was Later Sold to Compaq Computer Corporation in 1999 for $307 Million Cash and $34 Million in Stocks. From the Money, he Started, Which too was Later Acquired by eBay for $1.5 Billion in Stocks. Musk Owned About 11 Percent Share in the Company at that time. The Money Earned By the Real World Iron Man was Invested in SpaceX and Tesla. He Learned Rocket Science on his Own through Books for the Creation of SpaceX.

6.) Larry Page and Sergey Brin

The Duo are the Founders of the World’s Biggest Search Engine, Google and its Parent Company Alphabet Inc. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have the Minimum Social Presence out of the Other Entrepreneurs. However, They Started Google in a Garage with No Idea of How their Startup is Going to Make Money. But, as we All Know, Google is One of the Four Companies that has Made its Place into the Trillion Dollar Club. The Two Billionaires are now Worth $49.7 Billion and $51.6 Billion for Sergey Brin and Larry Page Respectively.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Larry Page and Sergey Brin

They didn’t Know Much about Business back then. Page and Brin Even tried to Sell Google for $1 Million to Excite in 1999. But Fortunately, the Deal was Rejected by the Company. Later in 2002, Seeing the Rising Competition in Market, Yahoo Offered to buy Google for $3 billion, but the Duo Realized the Value of the Startup by Then and Denied. Further in 2005, Page Buyed Android for $50 Million which Went on Becoming the Biggest OS the World Uses.

7.) Mark Zuckerberg

The Creator of Social Network Which is Used by Over 2.5 Billion Users Monthly. An Organization which Acquired the Other Two top Social Networks Instagram and Whatsapp. We think You are Already Very Much Familier with the Name, Mark Zuckerberg. An Ambitious Kid with a Vision Created Something So Huge and Became an Idol for All the Young Entrepreneurs all Across the Globe. Mark was Interested in Computers and Coding from an Early Age. For Example, He Created a Connecting Medium Called “ZuckNet” that Allowed Computers to Transfer Messages Between Them.

Mark Zuckerberg - List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World
Mark Zuckerberg – List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

The Concept of Facebook, Came from his Earlier Idea Fashmash which Compared two People Online and Gave them Ratings on the Basis of Users. Mark Started Facebook in 2004 at the age of 19 and the Success of Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg took the Took of World’s Youngest Billionaire at the Age of 23. Meanwhile, His net Worth Currently is Valued at Over $58.2 Billion, Making his Place in this List of Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World.

8.) Larry Ellison | List of Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

The Founder of One of the Biggest Software Companies in the World- Oracle Corporation, Larry Ellison is a Self Made Billionaire with a Net Worth of $63.2 Billion. He is the Fourth Richest Person in the United States and Fifth Wealthiest Person of the World. Larry too was Born to a Teenage Mother who was Later Adopted by His Aunt and Uncle. Ellison also served as the Director of Apple in 1977. When he Started Oracle Many Companies crossed his Way. In 1990, the Company Almost Faced Bankruptcy.

Larry Ellison
Larry Ellison

But Inspite of All the Struggles, he Continued and took Oracle to the Level Where it is Today. Larry Ellison Always Quotes that “When Someone does Something, It’s All About Self Discovery. The Person Wants to Learn and Discover his Own Limits.”

9.) Jack Ma

Jack Ma – A true Story of Rags to Riches who Proved to the World that With Consistency and Never Give Up Spirit, Anyone can be Successful. With a Net Worth of Over $41 Billion(March 2020), He Absolutely Deserves to be on this list of Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World. Above All, He is Seen as A Global Ambassador for Chinese Products on the Internet, through his Venture Alibaba Group. He is an Absolute Representation of how Failures are Converted into Success.

Jack Ma - Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World
Jack Ma – Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

Jack Ma applied for Graduation at Harvard for 10 Times and Was Rejected Every Time. Following Which, when KFC Came in china, 24 People Applied for the Jobs, 23 Were Accepted, he was the Only Person to be Rejected. His first Two Startups Apart from Alibaba, Failed Miserably. But Alibaba, Gave him an Identity and a Legacy that the World will never forget. He is Currently Focusing on Philanthropy through his Foundation Jack Ma Foundation.

10.) Richard Branson | Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World

A Person who Founded the Group with Almost 400 Companies Under It. Yes, Richard Branson is the Founder of Virgin Group that Owns More than 400 Companies. He is the only Entrepreneur in the World who Created 8 Different Unicorns i.e; Billion Dollar Companies in 8 Different Sectors. He had a Reading Disorder Called Dyslexia Which Made him Different from Other Students. Having an Entrepreneurial Mindset from the Starting, he Started a Magazine at the age of 16 and Sold Various Record Advertisements. Seeing the Scope of Record Label, he Created his First Company Under Virgin Group – ” Virgin Records.”

Richard Branson
Richard Branson

Following the Success of Virgin Record, he Kept on Trying in Various Sectors to Expand his Business where He Saw opportunity. Today, he Heads the Companies Like Virgin Megastore, Virgin Hyperloop-One, Virgin Airlines and Virgin Galactic etc. He too Faced a Lot of Failures just Like any Successful Entrepreneur in the World. His Startups Like Virgin Cola, Virgin Cars, Failed Soon. Richard Branson Always Quotes that ” We Should not Wait for the Perfect Time, Instead Just Start and Make it Perfect.

This was Our List of Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs in the World. If You Think We Missed any Legendary Person, Kindly Let Us Know Your Views in Comments. A Quick Recap Would Be:-

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffett
  • Steve Jobs
  • Elon Musk
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Larry Ellison
  • Jack Ma
  • Richard Branson.

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