Sundar Pichai Success Story | Life Story | Google CEO

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Google is the Company that holds the Whole World Together. Running Such a Huge Company is Itself a Big Responsibility. The Person who Commands the Group and Leads it Would Obviously be an Important One. We are Today Having the Man Who Handled the Operations at Google from Background Since Long and Is now Leading it from the Front. Yes, We are Talking about Sundar Pichai and the Success Story of the Google CEO.

Sundar Pichai is an Indian Born Business Executive and Serves as the CEO of Alphabet Inc, the Parent Holding Company of Google LLC. Sundar Pichai is one of the Richest CEO of the World. With a Net Worth of Over $600 Million and a Package of About $240 Million with $2 Million Annual Salary, he Made it through the Journey.

Sundar Pichai Success Story - Flowchart
Sundar Pichai Success Story – Flowchart

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Early Life | Sundar Pichai Success Story

Pichai Sundararajan Commonly known as Sundar Pichai was born in Madhurai on July 12, 1972. He belongs to a Lower Middle-Class family. He was a Brilliant Student since his Childhood. Sundar had a Special Skill to Memorize Soon. He completed his Higher Studies in Chennai. Due to his Brilliant Records and his Intelligence, he Got Admission in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and Earned his Degree in Metallurgical Engineering.

Sundar Pichai Success Story - Early Life
Sundar Pichai Success Story – Early Life

Sundar Migrated to America in 1993 and Initially Planned to Pursue a PhD from Stanford. However, he Continued for an M.S. in Material Science and Engineering. He Even Tried for a Job after his M.S. for Some Time but Unsatisfied with it, He quits It and Went for his MBA from the Wharton University of Pennsylvania. On his Road to Success, his Girlfriend and now wife Anjali played an Important Role. She was born in Kota, Rajasthan. They met Each Other in IIT Kharagpur, where she Persued her Chemical Engineering.

Career in Google

Sundar joined Google in 2004. His entry was marked with the Launch of The Free Mail Service Popularly Called Gmail. After Coming to Google his First Big Success Came when Microsoft Replaced Google with Bing as their Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer. He Introduced the Solution for It as “Google Toolbar”. The Success of Toolbar Layed the Foundation for the Launching of Google’s Own Browser Chrome in 2008 which allowed the Users to directly access Google. Following Which, Sundar Made his Identity in Google and the Whole World With the Success of Chrome. In the Same Year, He became Senior Vice president of Chrome and Apps. Due to his Revolutionary Ideas and Leadership, he Climbed the Stairs in Google.

Sundar Pichai Success Story - Google CEO
Sundar Pichai Success Story – Google CEO

He is Responsible for the Success of Various Other Google Products Including Drive and Maps. Further, Sundar Represented Google at Various Occasions Including the Famous Mobile World Congress and Other Demonstrations. In 2013, he was given the Responsibility to Lead Google’s Android department. Many Organizations Approached Sundar to become their CEO like Twitter, Microsoft, etc. Despite These, He remains a Loyal Googler. Due to his Loyalty, Hard Work and Ability to Lead, He was Given the Position of CEO at Google on Aug 10, 2015.

Sundar Pichai is Considered the Man Who Understands Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin Vision Best and Conveys the Same to Rest of Google. When the Founders, Stepped Down from the Positions of the Parent Company of Google, Alphabet Inc., Sundar was Promoted to the Position of CEO Of Alphabet Inc., making his One of the Most Powerful CEOs of the World.

Final Words | Sundar Pichai Success Story

This was the Success Story of a Simple Lower middle-class Boy to becoming one of the biggest CEOs in the World. His story Is a Proof that Dreams do Come True. Most Importantly, One just has to be Confident and Loyal towards their Work and Life. He Never had those Luxuries that People have Today. With Just his Determination and Ideas he made his Identity into the World.

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