Thomas Edison Success Story - Life Lessons

Thomas Edison Success Story | Life Lessons

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“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they Gave Up.”. This Quote is Justified on the Never Give Up Spirit of the Legend “Thomas Alva Edison”. Do you know How we have the Access to Devices in the field of Electric Power Generation, Mass Communication, Sound Recording and the Most Important part of today’s imaginative life- “The Motion Pictures”. These Were Not Created from Multiple people but a Single Personality. Yes, We are talking About the Great Inventor “Thomas Alva Edison” Success Story and Life Lessons to Learn from Him.

Thomas Edison was an American businessman and Inventor. He is considered to be the Greatest Inventor of America. He is the Creator of Phonograph, The Motion Picture Camera and the Most Important part of Luminous World -“The Electric Light Bulb“. Edison is behind the establishment of the first Industrial Research Laboratory. Eventually, His inventions left an Ever Lasting Impact on the Industrial World.

Thomas Edison Success Story - Flowchart
Thomas Edison Success Story – Flowchart

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Edison’s Early Life | Thomas Edison Success Story

Thomas Edison was born to Samuel Ogden Edison Jr. and Nancy Matthews Elliot in 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was the Youngest Among his Seven Siblings. Edison didn’t go to the school for much Time. He attended the school only for a few months and was Denied by Saying that he Can’t Think Clearly. Edison was taught at home by his Mother. However, He got educated by reading “R.G. Parker’s School of Natural Philosophy”. Edison enrolled himself in Chemistry Courses at “The Copper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art”. He Developed Hearing issues in his Childhood. Thomas used to sell Candies, Newspapers at Detroit on Running Trains. The money that he made till the age of 13 were all spent in doing Chemical and Electrical experiments.

Early Life
Thomas Edison Early Life

Journey of Thomas Edison

Edison started to work as a Telegraph Operator after learning from Mount Clemens. Edison’s first Telegraphy job was at Stratford Junction. He left the job as he was Made responsible for a near collision. In the meanwhile, he learned Qualitative Analysis and carried various Chemical Experiments. When Edison got the exclusive right to sell newspapers, he set up “The Grand Trunk Herald “. At this moment his Entrepreneurial period began and he discovered his talents as a Businessman. This led to the foundation of 14 companies along with the Iconic “General Electric“. At 19 Edison took a job in the Western Union but was fired because of Damage caused at the Place.

In October 1869, Edison along with a Telegrapher and Inventor Franklin Leonard Pope founded their own Company. Edison started building a Multiplex Telegraphic System, which was capable of sending two messages at the same time. He established an Industrial Research Lab in 1876 in Menlo Park. The first big financial success of Edison was when the Quadraplex Telegraph was introduced. This resulted in setting up of Menlo Park as the first institution of producing constant Technological Innovation and Improvement. In 1880, William Joseph Hammer was appointed as Chief Engineer of the Edison Lamp Works. In just over a decade Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory expanded to two cities.

Thomas Edison Success Story - Bulb
Thomas Edison Success Story – Bulb

Major Works of Edison

The invention of the Phonograph in 1877 gained wider notice to Edison. He was acknowledged with the title “The Wizard of Menlo Park”, New Jersey. In 1877 he used the concept of Carbon Microphone for Western Union. This type was put in work in 1890. It was used in all Telephones including Bell’s Receiver till the 1980s. In 1878 Edison started working on Electrical Illumination. He produced an Incandescent Bulb that was Commercially Practical in 1879. In the Same Way, He formed the Edison Illuminating Company for Electricity distribution. In 1891, Thomas patented the Motion Picture Camera. Edison designed various other devices. To Sum Up, Edison has patented 1093 Works in his Entire Lifetime.

Major Failures of Edison

In spite of all the above Success, to reach this level Edison failed numerously. The case was really drastic when he was working to devise a Novel Storage Battery. He tried 9000 experiments but was unable to find a result. The Most Famous Failures in Thomas Edison were in the Field he is Most Renowned For. While Building the Electric Bulb, He Failed more than 1000 Times before a Successful One. On asking how does he Feel on the Failures, he Said, “Those were not Failures, the Bulb was Invented in 1000 Steps.”

In the 1880s due to a high increase in prices of Iron, the invention of his Electric Generator was effected. So, he builds a separate plant of low-grade iron, but it failed very soon. Edison created ” The Electrographic Vote-Grapher”, but it was not accepted because of political leaders of Washington. This was not over, further he designed an Electric pen but it was Noisy, Heavy and the Batteries were Maintained by Chemicals. So, it was messy. He also failed when he invented “The Tinfoil Phonograph”, “The Talking Doll”.

Thomas Edison Life Lessons
Thomas Edison Life Lessons

Edison died because of Diabetes Complications on 18 October 1931 in his home named “Glenmont” in New Jersey. Edison was buried behind the house. His last Breathe is still Stored in a Test Tube.

Life Lessons from Thomas Edison Success Story

The Life Story of Thomas Edison is Full of Valuable Lessons. There are Numerous things to Learn from the Success Story. Few of Them Are:-

1.) Never Give Up.

The Most Obvious thing we Can Observe from Thomas Edison is the Never Give Up Spirit of Mr. Inventor. After Failing these Many Times and Opportunities, he Still was On his Way. He Never thought of Quitting and He can’t do It. For this reason, we have All these Inventions with Us today.

2.) We are always Capable of Doing Amazing Things.

Never Let Someone tell You that You can’t do anything or you are Not Talented Enough to Do it. Thomas Edison too was Told by his Teachers that he Was a slow Learner and can’t do Ordinary Things. They were Right, he Did the Extraordinary. In Summary, Believe in yourself that You can Do Amazing Things. Magic can happen at any Point of Our Lives.

3.) Do What You Love

One of the Major Reasons Edison was Successful was that he Loved Inventions and Experiments. Furthermore, They Never Let him Down Either. Never do anything that you Don’t Love Doing.

Edison Knew that if one Idea or one Product didn’t work well, he was having others for their recovery. This Never Give Up spirit of Edison opened the way for his success. Above all, We hope that our Motive to write this Article has been fulfilled. Let us end with a beautiful quote of Edison – “Our Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try one more time”. And we believe that that one more time can change your life. This Was the Thomas Edison Success Story and Life Lessons.

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