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Walt Disney Success Story | Disneyland

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A Person whose Creative Imagination is Responsible for the Happiness of Millions of Kids All over the World. He is referred to as One of the Most Creative Persons ever Lived and whose Imagination Came True. Yes, We are Talking About the Legend, Walt Disney. He is the Founder of “The Walt Disney Company”, Popularly Known as Disney. Today, we have the Walt Disney Success Story that will Guide You Through the Struggles, Challenges, and Achievements by the Legend.

Walt Disney Success Story
Walt Disney Success Story

Walt Disney was an American Artist, Entrepreneur and Film Producer. He is Responsible for creating the Superstar Character Mickey Mouse, as well as several Other Superhit Animations Including Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, and Many More. A Man with the World Record of Holding the Maximum No. of Academy awards, having 22 Oscars, 3 Golden Globe Awards, and 1 Emmy Award.

Early Life | Walt Disney Success Story

Walt Disney was Born on December 5, 1901, at Chicago, Illinois, United States to Elias Disney and Flora. He was the fourth son among Five Siblings. When he was 4, the Family Shifted to Marceline, Missouri. He Developed his Interest in Art when he was Paid to draw a Horse for the Neighbour. Disney During his Schooling became the cartoonist of the School Newspaper to Draw Patriotic Photos for World War 1. Talking about Personal Life, Disney has a Tensed Relationship with his Father. He was a Dominating Figure. To Escape from the Stressful Situation, Walt Often used to Draw.

First Venture | Laugh-O-Grams

In 1919, When Walt was 18, he was a Commercial Artist Earning Enough to Afford the Luxuries of Life. But as said, Destiny was Planning to Take him Somewhere Else. The Company for which Disney Used to Work faced Losses and he was Laid off. His Life Turned Upside Down in a Moment. Walt’s Father Insisted him to Join his Factory but he wanted to be an Artist. Therefore, he Collected all his Energies and Started his Own Company Named “Laugh-O-Grams”. The Things were Going Quite Good with the Company at First.

Walt Disney Young

They were having 6 Contracts from a Local Theater for Animated Shows. They Risked everything to complete it. Employees used to Work Without Salaries for few months. He took Loan to Cover Other Expenses. As the Animation was about to be Completed, the Distributor Backed Off leaving Walt Disney and his Team Devastated. With another Attempt to Stand Up, they Built “Alice’s Wonderland”. Walt Used to Sleep in Office Itself, as he was having no money Left for Home. But, unluckily he was not able to get any distributors for the Same and the Company has to File bankruptcy and it was Closed.

Other Struggles in Success Story of Walt Disney

After All this Walt And his Brother started a new Company called, “Disney Brothers”. Things were going well as they have Collaborated with Winkler Studios. Disney and his Team Developed a New Character Called, “Oswald, the Rabbit”. After its Success, Winkler Studios hired most of Disney’s Team and Walt lost the rights of both the characters. He was shattered from Inside. But Instead of plotting revenge, fighting or remaining depressed, he did What he is Best At. He Collected and channeled all his Energies and Restarted.

Walt Disney Mickey Mouse
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse

This was the Time when the Legendary Character Mickey Mouse was created. By this time, Disney was strong enough to face any more Such Ups and Down. To beat the competitors he knew his animation needed to have something that others don’t have. Therefore, he thought of adding Sound to the Mickey Mouse Episodes. This was not at all common at those Days. He and his after burning midnight lamps for a lot of days, accomplished it. Once Again, he could not find a Distributor. The First Yes was after Over 300 No’s.

Disney’s Success | Disneyland

Mickey Mouse Became a Huge Success. The crowd demanded a re-run of Various Shows. Slowly, the Rocket of Success of Disney took Off taking him to a Celebrity Level. New Projects were Included as they proceeded. Due to Dissatisfaction in Work, in 1934, the Production of the First Feature-Length Full Cartoon film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” began. This was later Extended to Pinocchio (1940), Fantasia (1940) and Bambi (1942).

Walt Disney at Disneyland
Walt Disney at Disneyland

To take a break, he went to a Train Journey for a Short Vacation and this Transformed him. As a Result, It formed the Basis of the Idea of “The Disneyland”. He wanted to place all the Animated Cartoons in Real Life and add the Castles and other Fantasy World Things. On July 17, 1955, after a lot of Struggles and challenges, the Dream was Converted into Reality and Disneyland was Opened.

Walt Disney was a heavy Smoker. He died of Lung Cancer on December 15, 1966, leaving a Whole Legacy behind him. This was the Walt Disney Success Story and we hope that our Motive of Writing this for You all was Completed. Disney’s Story is a Proof that no matter What Happens, Never Give Up and Always Stick to the Path. As a Result, Success will Follow You.

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