Warren Buffett Success Story

Warren Buffett Success Story | Important Advice

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“Compounding Interest or Investing is the 8th Wonder of the World.” A Line Said by the Genius “Albert Einstein.” But There are A Very few People who can wait to get Rich. Investing is One of the Most Effective and Secure Methods to Increase Your Wealth. One of the most Successful Investors of all Time, the Man who is Considered Synonym for Success. In Short, Here is the Journey of the Man Who is Today Valued At $ 82 Billion, Warren Edward Buffett. In this article, We are Going to Discuss About Warren Buffett Success Story and Some Pieces of Advice By the Legend.

Warren Buffett Success Story
Warren Buffett

He is chairman and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, an Investing Company. Warren Buffett is a Philanthropist, Pledged to Donate 99% of his Income to Philanthropic Causes Along With Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. He Also Founded “The Giving Pledge” Along With Bill Gates, whereby billionaires pledge to give away at least half of their fortunes in Charity.

Early Life of Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett was born in Omaha, Nebraska on August 30, 1930. He had an Interest in Business and Investing from the Young Age Itself. Therefore, He Started Various Businesses in his Childhood only. Buffett Sold Chewing Gums, Coca-Cola Bottles, Weekly Magazines Door-to-Door. When he was in High School, he made Money by Selling Golf Balls, Daily Newspapers and Stocks Income.

In 1945, Buffett and a friend spent $25 to purchase a used pinball machine, which they placed in the local Barber Shop. Within months, they Purchased several machines in three different Barber Shops across Omaha. The business was sold later in the year for $1,200 to a War Veteran.{Source=Wikipedia}

Early Life of Warren Buffett
Early Life of Warren Buffett

He had an interest in Stock from Childhood, as his Father, Mr. Howard Buffett, had a Brokerage Firm. He bought 3 Stocks of Cities Service, for Himself at the Age of 11. When he was in teenage, he was highly inspired by a book called “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham.  He bought a land when he was 14 years old, with $1,200 of his savings. Above All, By the time he finished college, Buffett had accumulated $9,800 in savings.

Investing Career | Warren Buffett Success Story

Warren Buffett worked as an Investment Salesman at Buffett-Falk & Co. from 1951-1954. He Always Wanted to Work and Learn from his Idol, Benjamin Graham. In 1952, he Discovered that Graham was on the Board of GEICO Insurance. He was ready to work for Graham for free, but Graham refused. But in 1954, he Received a Call from Graham Himself and from 1954-1956 he worked as a securities analyst at Graham-Newman Corp.

Warren Buffett Success Story of Investing
Warren Buffett Success Story of Investing

In 1956, Graham Retired and Closed his Partnership. Buffett in the Same Year started his Buffett Partnership Ltd. In 1957, Buffett operated three partnerships. He purchased a five-bedroom house in Omaha, where he still lives, for $31,500.

Using the techniques learned from Graham, Buffett was successful in identifying undervalued companies and he became a millionaire. One such company Buffett valued was a textile company named Berkshire Hathaway. He began collecting stock in the early 1960s, and by 1965 he had assumed complete control of the company. Despite the success of Buffett Partnership, he dissolved the firm in 1969 to focus on the development of Berkshire Hathaway.

Following Berkshire Hathaway’s major investment in Coca-Cola, Buffett became director of the company from 1989 until 2006. He was also a director of Citigroup Global Markets Holdings, Graham Holdings Company and The Gillette Company.

Philanthropic Success Story of Warren Buffett

Philanthropic Success Story of Warren Buffett
Philanthropic Success Story of Warren Buffett

He is a Long Term Philanthropist who has donated about $34 Billion since 2006, the year Warren Buffett pledged to give $37 Billion (83% of Net Worth) in stock to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to be used for health and education purposes.

In 2011, ex-President Mr. Barack Obama presented him with Presidential Medal of Freedom. Warren Buffett continues to help and support his family’s foundations.

Advice From Warren Buffett

Hope You Liked the Warren Buffett Success Story. The Experience and Exposure of the Legend in his life is Enough to Teach a Person Many Things. Therefore, In this Section, We are Sharing Some of those rare Advices and Opinions on Various Sectors by Warren Buffett Himself. Some of them are:-

Warren Buffett Advice

1. Advice on Friendship

It’s Better to hang out with people who are better than you. Pick Out People whose behaviour is better than yours and You’ll Drift in that Direction.

Warren Buffett

Always Spend time with High Graded People. As, After some time you start to Behave Like them. On the Other Hand, If you hang around with people who behave worse than you, pretty soon you’ll start being pulled in that direction. That’s just the way it seems to work.

Bill Gates – Warren Buffett

2. Advice on Patience

“No Matter how great the talent or efforts, some things just take time. You can’t produce a baby in One Month by getting nine Women Pregnant.”

Warren Buffett

He Always Says, ” I Always Knew I Was Going to be Rich, I Never Doubted it for a Single Minute.” All things take time, Never Think of Giving Up Before Time. Patience is the Key to Everything.

3. Advice on Savings | Warren Buffett Success Story

“Do not Save what is left after Spending, Instead Spend what is left after Saving.”

Warren Buffett

If You Want to Become Rich, You Must Learn to Allocate some of your Earnings towards the Future. In Other Words, By saving first, you eliminate the problem of not having enough money to save, at the end of the month. You can also add some Portion of your Salary directly into Your Saving Account.

Warren Buffett on Saving
Warren Buffett on Saving

4. Advice on Spending

“If you Buy things you do not need, them Very Soon you Will have to sell things you Need.”

From a man who could buy anything, “I’m not interested in cars and my goal is not to make people envious. Don’t confuse the cost of living with the standard of living.,” Buffett says. Always Prefer to Invest Your Money instead of Spending it on the Things You Don’t Need. Above All, Prefer to Build your Assets instead of More and More Liabilities.

5. Advice on Earnings

“Never Depend on a Single Income Source and Put all your Eggs in One Basket. Above all, Make Investments to create a Second Source”

Warren Buffett

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